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What is the Point Challenge? It's a game. It's a quiz. It's a race against the clock. It's the most fun way to explore Stockholm. And it's a whole lot tougher than​.
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    In contrast to ideas, which are often unstructured and loosely defined, challenges are specific, detailed, and actionable problems or opportunities.

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    During the last years I was responsible for the innovation portfolio management within our business unit. I was leading a cross-functional, global team, overseeing the innovation funnel from early innovation strategy definition, ideation campaigns up to defining and running prototyping projects.

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    My focus is always to combine strategic thinking with a strong path for execution in order to deliver real business value. By: Karin Wall Challenge Driven Innovation CDI is an innovation framework developed by InnoCentive that accelerates traditional innovation outcomes by leveraging open innovation and crowd sourcing along with defined methodology, process, and tools to help organizations develop and implement actionable solutions to their key problems, opportunities, and challenges.

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      About Frank Ermark During the last years I was responsible for the innovation portfolio management within our business unit. To ensure Eliud does run at the same pace, a car will travel in front of the runners at a constant speed. In short, if the timing car ran 0.

      The RML Group, a high performance automotive engineering company, were hired to deliver that precision. They began by choosing a fully-electric SUV with plenty of space on board for all the equipment needed for the race. The runners and the car will carry a transponder chip, which will be read by each of the one kilometre markers, providing accurate feedback on split times and speeds.

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      To ensure nothing is left to chance, a second car — equipped with the same software — will be on standby. Both cars are also fitted with lasers that project a formation pattern and a pace line on the road to help the pacemakers hold their position — and a digital LED board so the runners can keep track of the time.