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The following is a very brief summary walkthrough of Journey. The easiest way to play the game is to merely 'walk towards the mountain'; the mountain is the.
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Take paper and place on left, then top and lastly, right tray. Read the photo and see it black and white in the computer not seen in downloaded game. Look at the pictures of Ariane on her travels hanging on the wall. You are being watched. Exit the tower.

Inside the gate - Enter the gate and talk with Wallace, the Chief Engineer. I wish Ariane would stop cleaning her sleeves. Tickets for the altimonorail and pass for the archives are placed in inventory when the Academy archives and the Rector are mentioned. Click the computer on poster and then read it. Walk to bottom of screen to enter the city proper and read the new e-mail.

Take the path to the left of screen and enter the building.

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Communication Center - Note the clock has stopped. Click on the microphone on the desk and talk to Figaro. Look at the poster left of the inner door using the computer. Go through door and enter the left door that is unlocked. Communication room - Look at the posters of February and March, and a cruiser advertisement by the door. Go to left of screen and talk to Enrique, mailman and projectionist. He gives you the key to the projection room and reel Projection room - Go back out to the main hallway and use the key on the ornate locked door.

Read the note at bottom right shelf. Read the poster left of the projector. Click reel on the projector's reel wheels and watch. Analyze reel and identified the movie as the world wars of the 20th century. Transport room - Go back to the Communication room and then forward to the elevator at the center of the room. Talk to Figaro, the man in charge of the Altimonorails and the power supply.

The transmission coordinates have been changed that is why there's no energy being collected. He needs to have the coordinates recalculated and entered in the machine. Transmission coordinates puzzle - Let's look for the paper that has the coordinates. Go back down using the elevator. Take the calculation sheet on desk at left by window.

Click calculate and then look in the computer.

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It shows the corrected coordinates. Go back up to Figaro and click on right side of the control panel. Enter , , and When correctly done, you backed out automatically from the panel. Talk to Figaro about repaired. He gives a confirmation telegram that needs to be sent. He allows your laptop to be recharged. Go back to Enrique and tell him about the telegram. Crossroads - Leave the building, take the bottom path, right and then to right end of the path.

While standing by the crossroad, see a triceratops with a rider on the other street. Pet the triceratops. Talk to Heracles, the man standing by the stained glass door. He is all out of eggs for his customers.

Old Man's Journey - 100% Achievement/Trophy Walkthrough

The next caravan to the diamond mines won't leave for another 3 months. Take the prescription codes book and blank punch cards. Read the book. Press the button under the counter. This opens the door by the aquarium. Enter the secret door. Office - Well, lookee here - Adam!

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Take and read the note in front of Adam about Heracles out of biocardamom. Talk to Adam. He needs Hanagra of Syl prescription. Play with the triceratops hologram on the table by pressing the square button and stop by pressing the single round button. Look on the left shelf and take the needle by the half triceratops. Talk to Adam about the hologram and learn about the telelogram. Go back to the main pet store and click the computer on the clock on top of the wall.

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It says that the clock is 0. So that explains the year but not the war. Exit the store and go back to the crossroad. Take the left path. In zoom mode, punch the holes to make a prescription for Hanagra of Syl based on the prescription code book. Talk to Armanda again about prescription. She is on to Adam's tricks and would not give you the prescription. Since you've got Heracles note, talk to her about the biocardamom. She will get some at the University and then give her your ticket.

When Armanda leaves, insert the punch card on the slot under the window. You might need to move Ariane to see the slot and the lever. Move Ariane on step down and to the right. Push the lever at left center of wheel.

“I need an outfit for the weekend.”

Take the flask of Hanagra of Syl. Go back to pet store and Adam. Pet store - Talk to Adam and give the potion.

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Adam gives you an aerial map to find the giants. Read the fly map in the computer. Leave the store. This time go to bottom of screen.

Journey – FAQ/Walkthrough

Balloonist - Go left and talk to Gustav, the balloonist. His balloon needs a few adjustments first before he can take you up. He needs for you to go to the University to get helium and fix the leak on the main tube. Stall - Go to that stall with a clock. Take grease and old dinosaur skin from the table.

Altimonorail - Go to the right side on the rotunda and enter the building to get to the altimonorail. Click on Academy.

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Take the pass on inventory and click it on the destination you want to go to or click twice without the pass. Click the pass on Academy. Academy - Climb the stairs and enter the building. Universal Research Laboratory - At center of the room, go left and through the door. Talk to Armanda and she will leave also. Leave the room, go outside and get another news bulletin about the war in the surface.

Go to the door across the lab and enter the door.