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Shrouded in the wisdom gained from crippling grief, they suggest that we have the chance for a different future--one in which the freedom we are defending is not synonymous with living without constraints. Instead, they see freedom as the responsibility to ask why this happened to the richest and strongest nation in the world. It is possible that the gravity of this historical moment itself can convert the destructive energy released on September 11 into the wisdom needed to build more life-supporting cities. The first cities arose some six thousand years ago in the very part of the world where today we are concentrating our war efforts.

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Archaeology gives us a picture of the overall form of these settlements. Cities originally were walled, defensive settlements, as in the case of Sumerian city-states. Ancient texts describe specific benefits gained from living within these protective walls.

There were wells for drawing clean water, markets for trading fresh foods and goods, shelters protecting from the vagaries of the local climate, and people with whom to mark sorrowful and joyous occasions. An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page.

Reflection of 9/11

If the problem persists, please try again in a little while. Read preview. Cities as Sustainable Habitats The first cities arose some six thousand years ago in the very part of the world where today we are concentrating our war efforts. In the West, cities also birthed democracy in which every citizen had a voice.

Architecture as Eternal Delight: Reflections on the Attack of the World Trade Center

Read preview Overview. Fetzer Open Court, Walker Frank Cass, Downend, Amanda B. Moore, George E. Daggy, Joanne K. Ranivand, D. Finally a spokesman stated that Boeing was unable to offer an opinion "for security reasons" and because it had not officially participated in the investigation of the attacks.

9/11 reflections

Various aeronautical engineers at official Spanish centers have found no clear explanation for the reflections or shapes which can be observed on the hijacked plane. The author, who has had extensive professional experience in digital image processing, artificial neuronal networks and biometry, says in the report that "the same treatment" was applied to each of the photographs "using three standard digital image processing algorithms", the technical data of which are detailed at length in the dossier.

Having clarified that "the images studied are taken from different angles of observation", it establishes that the "objects detected present distinct luminosity as they are in relief" and adds that "this is the only possible explanation", finally pointing out that "the objects detected can be clearly distinguished from the landing gear.

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  • The aircraft, a B, registration NUA, left the United terminal at Logan International airport at and was in the air by There were 56 passengers on board, including five Al Qaeda terrorists armed with box-cutters. The captain was fifty-year-old, ex-Naval pilot, Victor Saracini. The aircraft followed its usual route until , when, at the level of George Washington bridge, which joins the north side of Manhattan to New Jersey over the River Hudson, it changed course veering sharply left.

    The hijackers, having slit the throats of several stewardesses, had taken control of the cockpit. Jack Chandler, a year-old veteran of the Army and Air Force Reserve, first saw the World Trade Center in its infancy, in ; he returned from deployment in Germany the same month the ground was broken.

    Published: September 11, 12222

    Soon the twin towers would rise skyward, their steel skeletons taking shape in the open air. Chandler went home to the other side of the country and never saw the towers in person — or at least not until after they had fallen and he visited his brother-in-law in Kennewick, Washington. He began organizing a committee to bring a similar memorial to his own town, Milton, 30 miles south of Seattle and home to 7, people.

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    It was certainly an event, she agreed, that ought to be memorialized. These were the kinds of remembrances she was used to. But then she saw a picture of the foot piece of mangled steel.

    The Port Authority began salvaging material from ground zero in the first weeks after the attacks, planning for the pieces to be displayed in a memorial in New York.