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The Price We Pay: What Broke American Health Care--and How to Fix It is one of the great thought leaders in medicine and his new book, The Price .. If you are an employer you should read this before your health plan is up for renewal.
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Though driven and innovative, hypomanics are at much higher risk for depression than the general population, notes Gartner. Failure can spark these depressive episodes, of course, but so can anything that slows a hypomanic's momentum. They go crazy; they just pace around. That's what hypomanics do.

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They need to be busy, active, overworking. No matter what your psychological makeup, big setbacks in your business can knock you flat. Even experienced entrepreneurs have had the rug pulled out from under them. Mark Woeppel launched Pinnacle Strategies, a management consulting firm, in In , his phone stopped ringing. Caught in the global financial crisis, his customers were suddenly more concerned with survival than with boosting their output.

Sales plummeted 75 percent. Woeppel laid off his half-dozen employees. Before long, he had exhausted his assets: cars, jewelry, anything that could go.

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His supply of confidence was dwindling, too. Woeppel stopped leaving his house. Anxious and low on self-esteem, he started eating too much--and put on 50 pounds. Sometimes he sought temporary relief in an old addiction: playing the guitar. Through it all, he kept working to develop new services. He just hoped his company would hang on long enough to sell them. In , customers started to return. Pinnacle scored its biggest-ever contract, with an aerospace manufacturer, on the basis of a white paper Woeppel had written during the downturn.

The Price We Pay

Sales are up more than 5, percent since , earning the company a spot at No. Woeppel says he's more resilient now, tempered by tough times. And you find out that your kids still love you. Your wife still loves you.


Your dog still loves you. But for many entrepreneurs, the battle wounds never fully heal. On Dec. He was 90 days late on his car payment. He was 75 days behind on the mortgage. The IRS had filed a lien against him. His home phone, cell phone, and cable TV had all been turned off.

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In less than a week, the natural-gas company was scheduled to suspend service to the house he shared with his wife and daughters. Then there would be no heat. His company was expecting a wire transfer from the oil company Shell, a strategic investor, after months of negotiations had ended with a signed page contract. So Pope waited.

The wire arrived the next day. Pope--along with his company--was saved. Afterward, he made a list of all the ways in which he had financially overreached. If the problem does not exist, the customer will not buy your product. The more benefits and solutions you can clearly provide to your customers, the less they will be able to deny your product will solve their problem.

Your sales team and coworkers will always appreciate it if you share useful resources with them. What other tips do you have on how to show value to your customers? About Brian Tracy — Brian is recognized as the top sales training and personal success authority in the world today.

He has authored more than 60 books and has produced more than audio and video learning programs on sales, management, business success and personal development, including worldwide bestseller The Psychology of Achievement. Brian's goal is to help you achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined.

Your Privacy is Guaranteed. We will never give, lease or sell your personal information. Get my free essential sales prospecting checklist to help identify the exact people you should be selling to. For ebooks, prices can be all over the place, even from a major publisher. It should be easy for you to get another book contract. If you sold more than 5,, you are doing pretty well.

If you sold less than 5,, then you could be in trouble with the next book. Although it is, as always, dependent on the project. The smaller the press, the more you can scale down.

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Even then, the publisher stressed, an author selling 3, is really just paying for themselves. Most people would be surprised at the drastic range of book sales even among the books that people are buzzing about. If you took the ten literary fiction books that all the critics, Twitter literati, and well-read friends are discussing, their BookScan numbers might range from a couple thousand to k.

I used instead of to make sure each book had at least 12 months of sales.

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No list is perfect, but the NYT list includes story collections and small press books alongside the big name literary authors and award contenders. The BookScan sales of those books literally ranged from 1, to 1. The next highest book was about , Again, the range is huge. I looked up five years of nominees from to and the range was 5, to over 1.

The mean was , and the median was 72, They ranged from 2, to , with a mean of 35, and a median of 12, On average, a lot more. I checked the BookScan sales for all the books that hit the 1 spot on the New York Times list in and the mean sales were , with a median of , The top selling book was, as you can probably guess, 50 Shades of Grey at nearly 8 million. In fact, a whole lot of the literary award finalists sold better than bottom best sellers. I myself have always believed this to be honest, even though I wrote and published a short story collection.

However, looking at the data it actually seems that while fewer story collections sell, the ones that do can sell almost as well as novels. The seven story collections on the NYT list had a median of 23, BookScan sales… only 2k less than the median novel. Well, no. Those are mostly collections by buzzed about debut authors or established older writers.

No story collection is going to sell millions of copies like the biggest novels. All of the authors whose collections I counted in the last section sold better as novelists if they had novels out. Since big publishers survive on the few break-out books, it makes more business sense to bet on novels or push authors to write novels instead of stories. Still, it was heartening for me, as a lover of short stories, to see that collections from authors like Junot Diaz, Alice Munro, and George Saunders can BookScan over k, and a collection by someone like Stephen King can reach a million.

YA fiction is also having a much-discussed boom these days. Non-fiction is an insanely huge category that encompasses everything from craft books and joke books to travel guides and memoirs. While there is some variation in average sales between different types of novels, non-fiction sales are entirely dependent on which of the 1, types of non-fiction books you are talking about. If you publish your book through an established press, you can most likely guarantee a certain level of professionalism, distribution, and hopefully coverage for your book.

Self-publishing, on the other hand, contains both professional full-time authors who spend time and money marketing their books as well as people who just think it would be fun to put an ebook up on Amazon and never spend any time marketing.

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Another surprising to me at least fact from the data I looked at is that books quite often sell the same amount in hardcover and paperback editions. If a book truly takes off, the paperback sales will eclipse the hardcover many times over. But for most books that are published in hardcover first, the paperback sales will be close to the same. To add even more confusion, ebook prices fluctuate a lot more than paperback or hardcover.