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Aug 30, - We asked our followers on Instagram what books about autism they would recommend to Jacob Hunt is a teen with Asperger's syndrome.
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I duck into the edge of the woods as another police car arrives. This one is unmarked and ordinary, except for the domed police light magnetically affixed to the top. The man who gets out of it is tall and has red hair. He is wearing a black overcoat and heavy boots. On one of his hands, he has a Dora The Explorer Band-aid.

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I follow them into the woods, careful to stay in the shadows. There are searchlights illuminating the area around the body, so that the evidence can be fully recorded. The dead man is lying on his back. His eyes are open. His pants are gathered around his ankles, but he is still wearing his underwear. The knuckles of his hands are bright red with blood, as are the bottoms of his palms, and his knees and calves. All around him, the snow is pink.

He kneels down and snaps on a pair of rubber gloves that he takes from his pocket. He examines the body up close. I hear two more sets of footsteps and another man steps into the pool of light, escorted by a uniformed officer. The uniformed officer takes one look at the dead guy, goes totally pale, and throws up. You think he got sexually assaulted and then committed hara-kiri? I look down at the list in my notebook. What would Dr. Henry Lee do? I stomp my frozen feet in their sneakers. I have the best intentions, but something always gets in the way. Today, for example, I was determined to build an ice rink in the backyard for Sasha, my seven-year-old.

She falls asleep on the car ride home while I am still singing along to Hanna Montana songs on her CD, and I carry her upstairs to her bedroom. During the settlement, I got the house, but Hannah got nearly everything inside it. She stirs a little while I get her undressed and into her nightgown, but then she sighs and curls on her side beneath the covers.

For a minute, I just stare at her.

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Most of the time, being the only detective in a one-horse town is a losing battle. I get paid crap; I investigate cases that are too dull to even make the police log in the local paper. Downstairs, I grab a flashlight and head out to the aborted ice rink. I turn on the hose. If I stay up for a few more hours, maybe there will be enough water in the tarp to freeze overnight. Back inside, I open the fridge and grab a bottle of Sam Adams. Although most guys turn to the stocks or sports page, I always go for the entertainment section, because of the column in the back. Auntie Em is forever coming up with the most practical solutions, as if the key to most of the great riddles of existence involve surgically cutting away the emotional component and looking at just the facts.

Should I tell him?

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Get a grip, Rich , I tell myself silently. He gives me the address of a state highway, near a stretch of conservation land. I sit down on the edge of her bed and gently shake her out of sleep. She babysat Sasha back when Hannah and I were together, and nowadays when Sasha is staying with me and I get an unexpected call.

She does, actually. I need you to get moving. I set Sasha down inside the threshold. Whitbury, and I turn to leave, already mentally mapping out the fastest route to the crime scene.

What It's Like on the Autism Spectrum

We came up with a ritual that somehow, along the way, turned into a good luck charm. Then we press our thumbs together.

Dear Auntie Em, I think. I had to second-mortgage my house to pay my water bill. What should I do? Urqhart meets me as I am checking out the abandoned vehicle, a Pontiac. I brush off a bit of snow from the window and peer inside with a flashlight to see a backseat full of empty gin bottles.

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I start to follow him along a marked trail. The victim is half-dressed and frozen. His pants are pooled around his ankles. Or the defense wounds on the hands? The blood is on his knuckles and knees, not his wrists. Suddenly a teenage boy steps out of the edge of the woods. Get lost, kid.

No one could figure out what a naked guy was doing on top of a mountain, but it turned out to be hypothermia. The same thing happened to this man. He became disoriented and fell down. Urqhart frowns. Look at the wounds. He fell down and he scraped himself up. The blood on the snow came from him crawling around before he lost consciousness.

I look at Jacob carefully.

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  • If that were the case, there would be hundreds of elementary school children exsanguinating at recess during the winters in Vermont. I kick at the ground beneath my boots and shake my head. That poor, drunk bastard had the misfortune to fall down in a field of brambles. Before I can say anything else, the regional medical examiner arrives. He considers this, carefully rolling the victim forward and examining the back of his head. It certainly would fit the bill. I run all the way home, even though I hate running. I plan to draw pictures, using colored pencils and scaled maps. I slip into the house through the garage and I am just taking off my boots when the door opens behind me again.

    I have never been a very good liar. And that makes me angry because right now I want to keep it all to myself instead of sharing it. I tuck my notebook into the back of my pants and pull my sweater down over it and then cross my hands behind my back to hide it. I will have to remember all that, the next time I set up a crime scene.

    I could use food coloring in water, and spray it on the snow outside. Although I am not too keen on lying in the snow in my underwear, I am willing to make the sacrifice for a scenario that will totally stump my mother. I am still humming under my breath when I get to my room. I take off my clothes and put on my pajamas. I take out a fresh spiral notebook and begin to sketch the crime scene. Although there are many overlaps with other autistic conditions, people with AS generally have fewer problems with speaking, fewer learning disabilities associated with autism, and are often of average, or above average, intelligence.

    Born on a Blue Day by Daniel Tammet. Schafer Autism Report - subscription required. The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation - develops, advocates and funds programs for adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorders. Toggle navigation. Read an excerpt. The Story Behind House Rules. About House Rules. And over this small family, the soul-searing question looms: Did Jacob commit murder?

    A conversation with Jodi about House Rules. Book club discussion questions for House Rules.